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Full Version: Hello, what are Catholics opinion on graven images?
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Catholics worship God and venerate the saints through images. In the Old Covenant, God had not revealed himself visibly, and so it was not possible to depict God. However, by his coming in the flesh, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, God the Son, has revealed himself as a man, Jesus of Nazareth, a man like us in all things but sin, a man who had a true, physical face. God chose to become a man and thus to be worshiped in the divinized flesh of Christ. To worship God through images is a profession of faith in the reality of the Incarnation of Christ. Likewise, to deny the propriety of images in worship is to cast doubt on the reality of the Incarnation and all its implications. In this sense, it is NOT optional to use images in worship.

Images of the saints flow from this same principle, namely, that by taking on human nature, Christ has transformed it, and the saints, the holy friends of God, have attained a likeness to Christ in their sanctity. In Greek tradition, the saints are said to be θεοφόροι, "God-bearers," that is, they are points of contact with the Divinity that operates in them. This is also why we venerate their holy relics, the sacred bodies that carried God in this world. When we reverence the images of the saints, we reverence them, and glory is given to the God who sanctified his servants the saints. To deny the propriety of honoring the saints through images casts doubt on the nature-transforming reality of the Incarnation and the operation of grace in the saints. In this sense, it is NOT optional to venerate the saints through images.
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