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Full Version: Pope Francis: Clean Your House (Church Militant)
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"The scandal of homosexual clerics preying on young males and the latest gay sex stings in the Vatican are but symptoms of the homoheresy. The depraved lifestyle of gay priests expresses their rejection of Church teaching on the intrinsic evil of homosexual relations.
In 2007, Newsweek ran a story by Vaticanista Ed Pentin on Msgr. Tommaso Stenico, videotaped soliciting a male youth in Rome for sex. The young man related telling the monsignor he was "about to commit something with me that is a sin in the eyes of God."
The 60-year-old Stenico replied, "No, I don't consider it a sin." "

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So the group that never will criticize the Roman Pontiff, who has welcomed homo-pervert couples in his papal residence, has talked about the gifts of homo-perverts, and has told the world "who am I to judge?", is asking him to clean house; how rich!