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Full Version: Satanic Rosaries?? PLEASE HELP
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Hi all,

I recently read an article about small, cheap plastic rosaries that are being distributed to the faithful, especially at Medjugorje, and also being sold in Catholic gift shops, parish church gift shops, etc. These rosaries do not have the INRI words on the cross, but instead have a caduceus (snake wrapped around a pole) above Jesus's head, a pentagram or sun with rays, or both. They also tend to have holes in the back of the cross. I went through my rosary collection and discovered that I did indeed have 4 rosaries with these bizarre symbols on them. Read the article here to find out more about these symbols:

According to this article and many other articles, Satanists and Masonic sects curse these fake "rosaries" so that the faithful catholic who ends up with them will be followed and bothered by evil spirits. If you have one of these rosaries, it is suggested that you have a priest exorcise it, and then burn it completely. But good luck finding a priest that will take you seriously, and even more good luck finding a priest who knows how to pray an effective exorcism prayer.

I prayed an exorcism prayer and burned the "rosaries" after sprinkling them with holy water, but I do not know if I am just being silly and overreacting or if this is something that should be taken seriously. Anyone else have any insight on this?
I would be very careful about what you read regarding curses and extreme superstition, especially regarding rosaries. Can objects be cursed? They certainly can be, but I am not so sure about holy objects.

I have seem plenty of poorly made, cheap plastic rosaries or mis-counted decades. Wiccans/pagans will try to make their own version of a "rosary" but it's most definitely not a holy [Catholic] rosary.

Take it from someone like me who was extremely paranoid about this stuff, being told by some Catholics that my family was "cursed" (beyond original sin); that specific family members were "doomed" to die because of ancestral sin; and "bad luck" from ancestral sin. These "spiritual warfare" things that you read about in books containing minor exorcism prayers about ancestral sin and family curses are garbage; spiritual warfare is definitely real and specific behaviors (which I guess could be considered a "curse" in a way) can definitely be "passed down" the family line, but that is because of our fallen nature, not "ancestral sin" (I am not referring to original sin).

Getting over-superstitious and paranoid about this stuff will do nothing but destroy your faith, as it has done to me the last couple years. Mine is so bad I am currently going through some serious spiritual counseling with my spiritual father.

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If you pray to the holy Virgin then it is the devil who will run from you.
There are rosaries associated with Santa Muerte you can order online and probably buy in shops, but they are not hidden amongst regular rosaries at gift shops. 

As far as being afraid goes, I wouldn't worry too much.  People can curse objects but in general it's probably rare and even rarer that the curse works anyway.
This priest probably knows better than me, but I don't think those images are Satanic at all.  The snake around the pole is a common image of the bronze serpent of the Old Testament, which is a foreshadowing of Christ crucified (see John 3:14).  The sunburst is also a Catholic symbol of Christ (see almost every monstrance)--in fact, it is usually rabid anti-Catholics who claim it is some occult or demonic symbol.
(09-05-2017, 02:16 PM)SaintSebastian Wrote: [ -> ]This priest probably knows better than me, but I don't think those images are Satanic at all.  The snake around the pole is a common image of the bronze serpent of the Old Testament, which is a foreshadowing of Christ crucified (see John 3:14).  The sunburst is also a Catholic symbol of Christ (see almost every monstrance)--in fact, it is usually rabid anti-Catholics who claim it is some occult or demonic symbol.

We had a thread awhile back, exploding the myth of the 'satanic rosaries' for the very reasons you mention.
I have heard stories about these 'rosaries' and had seen some of those with the head os Christ, turned to the left rather than the right. It would be wise to bury them, not burn them and certainly not keep them and especially not use them. Why take any chances with an improperly adorned 'rosary' when proper ones are so easily found?

I wasn't going to post on this, but I found this article this morning on the subject and figured the exorcist's input might be apropos.

(BTW: Added just prior to posting: I had numerous 'glitches' occur as I tried to post this that made it quite unusually difficult to put out a decent quality copy of the article to post. Makes one wonder why, especially considering the subject, that I would have such obstructions to posting this?)


Link to Original Article

Exorcist priest warns against ‘satanic’ rosaries
Posted by Minnie Agdeppa | Sep 4, 2017 |      
[Image: rosary.png]
(L) Actual photo of the rosary confiscated during a recent infestation case of Libera Nox which, according to Novaliches chief exorcist Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, is a“satanic” rosary. ® When the photo’s levels are adjusted to make it dimmer using an image editor, the supposed Iluminati insignia of the sun with its rays and the snake at the back of the Crucified Christ becomes visible to the naked eye. Legaspi warned the faithful about such satanic rosaries that are now in circulation the country. PHOTO COURTESY OF LIBERA NOX

MANILA – An exorcist warned the public about the circulaton of Satanic rosaries and religious items in the country, during the most recent airing of the once-a-month spiritual warfare episode of the Diocese of Novaliches’ Radio Veritas segment “Hello Father 911”, on Aug. 7.

“Kapanalig listeners, be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed,” warned  Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi in his personal capacity as Libera Nox chief exorcist in the Novaliches diocese.

The rosaries are those being given away by Satanists, explained the priest, particularly by the group called Iluminati. He said the rosaries have been “prayed over” by its makers, consecrating them to evil so that whoever uses it will be followed by evil spirits.

Odd symbols

“These were made not only to be simply given away but to deceive Catholics…so that evil spirits will haunt them,” he added.

According to Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) assistant case officer Philippe De Guzman, who was also present during the said episode, Satanic rosaries have odd symbols on them that are not readily noticeable to the untrained eye. Often made of plastic, the symbols could either be a snake wrapped around the cross, a pentagram, and/or a sun with rays, an insignia of the Illuminati.

De Guzman said they again confiscated such a rosary from a recent infestation case handled by Libera Nox. Similar rosaries have been confiscated from prior infestation cases but the last rosary turned out to be the reason why an evil spirit resided in the room of the client, causing disturbances in the house.
“Sometimes, there are no symbols,” said Legaspi said pertaining to what De Guzman described, “but a ritual was done on it like the one we mentioned previously about Botanica, the occult store in many places abroad like in the US where religious items are brought so they could inflict harm on others.”

He divulged how witches come to Botanica to buy gadgets and paraphernalia used in the occult or to simply buy items like religious images so that a curse or evil spirit can be attached to it before it is given away as a gift. Thus, he reminded the need to be extra careful in receiving religious items.

Exorcising religious articles

In this regard, Legaspi urged priests to bless religious items according to Catholic rituals and to exorcise them, especially if its owners have experienced paranormal occurrences.
“Not just a blessing, these items should be exorcised. Not just an ordinary blessing where water is just sprinkled–as most priests commonly do–but to use the Catholic ritual…that would frighten the demon away,” he emphasized.

The exorcist explained that simply sprinkling holy water on the cursed or infested item will not make the evil spirit go away, especially if the ritual carried out by the Satanists lasted for 30 minutes, making it a major curse.

He, however, denied the need to perform a longer blessing to undo the evil ritual but to simply carry out one prescribed by the Catholic Church. There is no need for an exorcist to do so since the Book of Blessings of the Old Rite prayers can be said by any priest for this purpose.

In addition, Legaspi also warned about Masonic medals that are also in circulation. He said these look like the that of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal except that a compass, which is the insignia of the Masons, can be found at the bottom. Masons, a secret society of men, have been known and declared by the Catholic Church as anti-Christian and anti-Church.
The spiritual warfare episode of the Diocesan of Novaliches on Hello Father 911 airs every first Monday of the month from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

During the Aug. 7 episode whose topic is “Infestations, Padugo, and Pagaalay (Common Reasons For Infestations)”, Legaspi and his team explained that infestations occur when an evil spirit resides in an object, animal, or place due to sin, occult practices, Feng Shui, paganic rituals, violence, and murder. CBCPNews

Update as of September 5, 2017 
In social media comments, the story about satanic rosaries has been mistakenly attributed to the CBCP.  The CBCP Media Office has clarified that Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi was speaking as head of the diocese of Novaliches office of exorcism (Libera Nox) and not for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.