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Full Version: AHIARA: Catholic Laity Council restates rejection of Bishop Okpaleke
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A schism in the making. Tribalism combined with identity politics in Africa?

Quote:CATHOLIC Laity Council of Ahiara Mbaise yesterday restated its resolve to reject the appointment of Bishop Peter Okpaleke but commended Pope Francis concern for its members. Trouble started in 2012 when Pope Benedict XVI appointed Okpaleke from Amesi in Aguata local government area of Anambra State to succeed pioneer Bishop Anthony Adibe Chikwe who hailed from Ezinitte Mbaise Council, but the indigenes rejected the appointment, insisting on an indigene of the area.

Read the entire article on Vanguard.
This is worse than apartheid. At least during apartheid when the pope named bishops of colour to head the a diocese, there were no demonstrations of rejection from the faithful who were white. In fact, there were members of the laity who helped their bishop get around the unjust restrictions that were placed upon them by the government.
The Pope has been decentralizing the Church from day one. Tribalism of one sort or another has been the result. He cannot be surprised at this, if the Germans get to decide how they are going to see certain things, and the Maltese are going to see things their own way, and the Americans a different way. The Africans will follow suit in their own context. 

In addition, this is more "lio" which is supposed to be seen as good, rather than rigidity and undue respect for authority. 

Also, the fact that this is a Laity Council sounds like it should be right up Francis' alley, for did he not say just days ago that the Church should not be run by a caste of priests?

Finally, the antagonistic manner in which this Pope speaks of those with whom he disagrees will begin to be reflected in the way Catholics in general relate to each other when they disagree, including when they disagree with the Pope.

You can't have it both ways.