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Full Version: Is God punishing me?
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Hi all, 

As some of you know, I lost my job last week. It was a terrible blow and we were very unprepared. I had to go to the food shelf this week for the first time ever because we can't safely afford groceries anymore. 

Many of you who have been following my tumultuous threads also know that I've struggled with sexual addiction for most of my life. Often, this struggle overtakes me and I end up leading my fiance into sexual sin as well. Every time this happened, I would beg God to punish me instead of my fiance because I was the one who led him into sin. Now that I have lost my job and am reduced to literally nothing, I am wondering if God took me up on my plea. 

After leading my fiance into sin, I would always go to confession as soon as possible and do many penances besides what the priest gave me. I guess that wasn't enough, but what is ever enough when we have offended God? We can do nothing to make up for our sins. 

This has made me more afraid of God than ever, and not in a good way. I know I deserve it, so I shouldn't even be complaining...I brought it on myself, and I'd rather die a thousand deaths than have God punish my fiancé for sins that I alone caused him to commit.

Does God still punish people like He did in the old testament, or am I just being scrupulous?
Hi SacraCor, I'm sorry for your troubles. Some are of your own making, others may not be. Keep going to confession, that's wonderful! Keep the faith, satan is counting on you giving up. Don't give in to him. 

Is God punishing you? We can't always know for sure why we go through these trials. Only that Jesus promised we'd have troubles in this life, but that He's overcome our worldly troubles. As to why? Perhaps later on, it will be more evident. The important thing is that God loves you and He'll bring growth and graces to you through your trials as you learn to hand each of them over to Him.
God is ALL good. He punishes no one, even old testament people. He allows things to happen, but more often than not, the culprit is our own actions, that we are blinded to the results of that get us in trouble. Not only individuals, but entire nations (as in the OT). When we let evil in our thoughts and actions, we reap the results of those thoughts and actions. Were God is not, is where evil thrives. It is much easier for evil to appear good than for good to appear evil and that is the way evil gets in; by appearing good or innocent.

Believe me, We don't need God to punish us. We do a fine enough job on our won. The Prodigal Son feared retribution on his return home and it kept him away, but his father was all about his love for his son and when he finally returned, welcomed him home. Others, like the Prodigal's brother were insulted, but not the father. The Prodigal could have had things better, but he stayed away, in his error and suffered for it.

How much do we do the same? God welcomes the repentant and seemingly 'lives' to forgive, we only need seek Him out!

One thing in life I've found to be so true: God gives us what we need and sometimes, what we want, so to teach us a lesson.
Instead of thinking you've been punished, why not look at it as an opportunity?  God allows us trials because he is leading us to greater virtue or a new path in life.  Take a good look at where He might be leading you.  Continue going to confession.  An infusion of grace is always a good thing.
I'm so sorry you are going through such trials.  ::hugs::

Well, let's see what virtues you are learning through this:

Humility--accepting charity at the food bank isn't easy and is a learning experience you won't forget
Contrition---if all was well you might be tempted to think less about repenting
Fortitude---I trust that you will keep persevering in your struggles against temptation
Surrender to Divine Providence---nothing is an accident and we are powerless without the grace of God

Truly God is a like a great personal trainer.  He pushes us to our limits sometimes in order for us to get stronger!

He gives us friends (like here at Fisheaters) to wipe our brow as we sweat, but a good trainer won't let up when he is stretching us further.

The sins you describe are pretty much universal these days, so you aren't the worse sinner in the world and don't believe satan when he tells you that!!!  You're just human like the rest of us. 

You're in this for the long haul and you will have set backs, so expect them.  Just be sure to finish the race!

Take a good look at what can be done to avoid the near occasion of sin and take those precautions.  Maybe move the wedding date up sooner?

God loves sinners, especially those who persevere and show their love by repenting, accepting his mercy and choosing Him over great temptations to sin.   Heart

As for the material things, just take it one day at a time.  My Dad used to ask me, "Did you eat today?  Did you have a roof over your head?  Did you have a bed to sleep in?  Then you are blessed and tomorrow is another day."  Smile
(09-21-2017, 11:37 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: [ -> ]My Dad used to ask me, "Did you eat today?  Did you have a roof over your head?  Did you have a bed to sleep in? Then you are blessed and tomorrow is another day."  Smile

There have been many days in my life when my answer to the third question would have been no, but I was still blessed to have enough to eat, and most nights to have a roof over my head. For the last few years, I've had all three, and I'm triply blessed!
I will pray for you