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Full Version: Sixty-two scholars and priests issue ‘correction’ of Pope Francis
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Another article, this one by Dan Hitchens, deputy editor of the Catholic Herald.

Quote:Sixty-two scholars and priests have issued a “filial correction” of Pope Francis, saying that his words and actions risk leading Catholics into false doctrines.

The signatories emphasise that they do not accuse the Pope of committing the personal sin of heresy, or the canonical crime. But they claim that the publication of Amoris Laetitia, and the Pope’s subsequent words and actions, have led to the spread of “heresies and other errors”.

Read the entire article on The Catholic Herald.
In the last few hours the petition in support of the Signatories of the Filial Correction has passed 10,000 signatures.

The petition, if you haven't yet signed and are interested in doing so.