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Full Version: Father Lasance, 'Prayer Book for Religious', Book I
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As I said in my post on Cardinal Sarah's remarks on praying from electronic devices, 'Book I of Fr Lasance's Prayer Book for Religious, which I have labouriously corrected from the Internet Archive if any body wants it!' It is entitled, 'Meditation, Prayer, and the Particular Examen'.

I am in the process of editing the entire book from the Internet Archive. The problem is that the scan, like many on the site, is full of errors. I am copying and pasting sections of the book, then opening the pdf of photos of the pages, and correcting the scan. I've finished Book I, as I said. I'm now working on Book II, which is 440 pages of 'General Devotions', Book III, 'Litanies, Novenas, Indulgenced Prayers, Offices, and Prayers for Particular Occasions', and Book IV, 'Bona Mors Devotions; Preparation for a Happy Death; Examination of Conscience for Extraordinary Occasions; Prayers for the Sick and Dying; the Administration of the Last Sacraments; the Burial Service; a Little Book of Novenas; Miscellaneous Prayers' will have to wait awhile!

Here is the link to Google Docs. I think I've set it so anyone with the link can read it. Would somebody please check and let me know?

Book I of Fr Lasance's Prayer Book for Religious.
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