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Full Version: The Revolution, George Soros, and the Assault on the West
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A thought provoking piece.

Quote:Like Menendez y Pelayo, Gramsci understood this maxim, this truth about Europe and the West: if you infect the base of a culture, pervert and eventually alter its fundamental beliefs, its morality, its concept of right and wrong, its ideas about law, its very linguistic meanings—if you accomplish these things, you likewise will alter its politics and its culture. Without the Faith as its “shield and buckler,” Europe, then, was defenseless against the assaults of Marxism and the creation of a New World Order which was essentially God-less, paganized, and the authoritarian antithesis of Christian order established through the blood and devotion of martyrs, saints, and Christian kings.
And there was very little effective opposition: the dominant intellectual force in the West through the 19th and much of the 20th century was a pliant and intellectually bankrupt liberalism, which could not withstand the withering critiques launched against it by cultural Marxism. Indeed, it can be argued that liberalism prepared the terrain for Marxist success.

Those older “liberal” writers and professors had done their best to critique and bring down an even older, traditional order, politically, socially, and religiously, but they had nothing better or more permanent to replace it with. Their theories about “liberal democracy,” “equality,” “civil rights,” and “liberalization,” advocated and implemented to take the place of fealty to inherited tradition, belief in religious orthodoxy, and the existence of social orders and the inherent recognition that inequality is a natural condition of life—those liberal nostrums, having weakened both the political and social fabric of historic Western society, left Europe and America open to the seductive attractions of a Marxism which was  not, like the Soviet brand, stodgy and kleptocratic.

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