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Full Version: Is Pope Francis trying to abolish the college of Cardinals?
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In this new video by the Remnant, Mr Matt mentions at the beginning that Pope Francis is planning to abolish the college of Cardinals in order to choose his own successor.

Has anyone more information about this very troubling rumour?

Michael Matt would get a lot further with his message if he wouldn't whine so much. I can't bear to listen to that.
I find Michael Matt's presentations absolutely marvellous, Catholic and correct in his approach.
I thank God we have the likes of him to inform us in the manner he does.
The college of cardinals is not a divine institution, so is Francis dissolving it much different than only installing those men he'd like to see as succesors?
And where does he get his information?
This piece of information is quite unique. I haven't heard it anywhere else. Unfortunately, the Remnant hasn't expanded on this at all. Maybe a rumor that Michael Matt heard somewhere? Not sure. Probably not the best to share such information if only hearsay.