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Full Version: Serving God Through Your Sexual Addiction
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Just wanted to share this.

"Perhaps you are one of those people who has tried everything to be free from your sexual addiction. You fast, pray, read your Bible every morning, and attend every Mass you can. You’ve installed filters on your computer, tossed all your romance novels and chick flicks, and douse your bed with Holy Water before you turn in for the night. You have pictures of Jesus and Mary on every wall, including your bathroom. You’ve tried counseling, therapy, and having an accountability partner. You’ve done everything your priest has told you to do, and nothing works.

You keep seeking answers, but they are always the same: fast, pray, read your Bible, remove occasions of sin. You’ve tried all that. It hasn’t worked. You start to despair and wonder what is wrong with you. Perhaps you are possessed. Perhaps you are so far gone that even God can’t help you. Perhaps God is so frustrated with your repeated offenses against Him that He’s given up on you and turned a deaf ear to your constant pleas for deliverance.

To make matters even worse, there are lots of stories out there about people just like you who were ensnared in the traps of unwanted sexual behaviors, but who were “saved” and “set free” by Jesus after attending a retreat or saying a special formula of prayers. “I could just feel Jesus breaking all the chains,” they say, “and ever since then I have never fallen back into my sexual addictions. Jesus healed me! I am free!”

How nice. But for the rest of us sinners who have been storming heaven with prayers for deliverance to no avail, where is our salvation? Where is our freedom? Why are our cries for help ignored?......"

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Excellent post. Very powerful, well thought, and well written. Love your blog.