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Full Version: Flying Puppies
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I have a thing for bats, but these bats are beyond lovable. These are a variety of fruit bat, called "flying foxes." They live in parts of Asia, Africa, India, and Australia, but, alas, not where I live. I would love to look up in the sky and see what look like

F L Y I N G   P U P P I E S ! ! ! !

My gosh! Have you ever seen anything so cute? Listen to the little sounds it makes -- awwww! Fruit bats don't use echolocation like other bats do; they just fly up to humans and give them puppy eyes 'til they're handed food (j/k about that last part):

More on Flying Foxes:

I love bats!  I used to go looking for them in caves in college.  Their ability to navigate in the dark is amazing; God's design in action, right?
I guess the bigger varieties do look less ratlike and more canine. I'd still wear thick gloves, personally. When I used to explore in caves in the Southwest, I tried to avoid the critters. I still like them at a distance here in Florida. They keep the mosquito population at bay.
hahaha you got me with the title!