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Full Version: 3 AM Witchcraft for kids on You Tube!
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This is so upsetting!  

The guy is actually following rituals from Alistair Crowley's books and showing kids how to do it too.

He has 1.3 million subscribers.  Mostly teens and younger.

So many young people to pray for. They have no idea what they are playing with. :(

A Call For An Uprising is sending out a warning and describes the problem in this video:

You can see JayStation's list of videos here:

I didn't watch this (LET'S NOT ADD TO HIS CHERISHED VIEW COUNT) but apparently he's trying to get spirits out of his house from using a ouija board here:
This is just vile. I'm moving this to the Catholic sub-forum so it gets more views. It's too important for folks, esp. parents, not to listen to (the first video, not the second. Don't watch the second video; it just puts money into the pockets of the guy the first video is referring to).
That's just gross. Teens and younger kids will mostly, more than likely, see it as 'cool' or 'trendy' or 'powerful'...very sad.