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Full Version: Pope bans sale of cigarettes in Vatican on health grounds
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I wish he'd do one single thing that didn't annoy me. From CNA:

Pope bans sale of cigarettes in Vatican on health grounds
by Elise Harris

Vatican City, Nov 9, 2017 / 06:52 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In a move likely to have some Vatican employees fuming, Pope Francis has decided to ban the sale of cigarettes inside the City State on the grounds that the Holy See cannot profit from a proven health hazard.

In a Nov. 9 statement, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the reason for the decision “is very simple: the Holy See cannot contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people.”

Available for sale exclusively at “Palazzo della Stazione,” the building that sits in front of the Vatican's small train station, the cigarettes have until now been sold at a lower price than in tobacco stores around Rome, making it an ideal place for smokers holding a Vatican employee card to pick up their next pack.

However, citing numbers from the World Health Organization, Burke noted how each year some 7 million people throughout the world die due to smoking-related causes.
Quote:Tobacco can be used or abused. And tobacco has health benefits as well, such as curbing obesity, protecting against Parkinson's Disease, increasing focus, etc.
Despite the fact the cigarettes sold to Vatican employees and pensioners have been a source of revenue for the Holy See, “no profit can be legitimate if it puts lives at risk,” Burke said.

The sale of cigarettes inside the Vatican will officially cease as of 2018, but the sale of larger cigars, with which smoke is not inhaled, was not mentioned in the statement.

While Pope Francis himself doesn't smoke, the habit is practically considered a national vice in Italy, and many even within the Vatican can be found to have a pack or two on hand.

However, the Pope's decision to crack-down on cigarette sales in the Vatican brings him closer to other European countries that have enforced comprehensive smoke-free laws for public spaces, the most strict being found in Ireland, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary.
Cigarettes are banned because they're unhealthy, but as for the possibility of the divorced and remarried receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion? "I can say yes. Period."
How...Puritanically Progressive of him. Too bad he refuses to ban gay pornography and prostitution.
If I ever meet him in person I'm tempted to give him a pack of cigarettes as a gift.
(11-10-2017, 09:15 PM)Dominicus Wrote: [ -> ]If I ever meet him in person I'm tempted to give him a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

Kinda sick though, given that he has only one lung.
I'm waiting for him to say the Vatican will become an "environmentally friendly" place with yoga classes for the cardinals and Swiss Guards, and farm-to-table lunch options.
(11-10-2017, 10:19 PM)austenbosten Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-10-2017, 09:15 PM)Dominicus Wrote: [ -> ]If I ever meet him in person I'm tempted to give him a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

Kinda sick though, given that he has only one lung.

Hmm, how's about a carton then?

OK, I'm going to Hell and should probably delete this.
Ironic that he cares so much about people's health, and yet persists in advocating for socialist policies - the danger's of which outweight smoking by about a billion percent
What will the population control experts meeting there have to say? Dodgy
I "love" how some go on about smokers and how smoking is medically costly. What they fail to realize is that, given their premises, smokers die young and, so, aren't "wasting" tax dollars being old and sick with Alzheimer's Disease and the like (mind you, I in no way consider caring for our old and sick to be a "waste"; I'm using their thinking here). In addition to that, the taxes added to the cost of cigarettes are incredibly high. Smokers pay for their own medical needs and then some, I assure you.

And the kicker: After smoking Marlboro Reds for years, I came to smoke American Spirits when they went on the market, cigarettes without all the additives -- pure, 100% tobacco. Then Obama cranked up the taxes, tripling them overnight. So I couldn't afford to smoke pure tobacco and had to roll my own, using tobacco with lots of crap in it. And wasting my time in the process. Thanks, President Dumbass! (I've since found loose tobacco without all the additives, praise God -- but I'm waiting for the government to jack up the taxes on that sort of tobacco as well. Should happen in 5-4-3-2.....)

And isn't it funny how they rag on smokers, but praise up homosexual sex, extramarital sex, the Pill, men chopping off their penises and filling their bodies with abnormal hormones so they can "become women," blocking puberty in kids with gender dysphoria, pumping our boys full of Ritalin, abortion, and euthanasia?

And re. abortion and euthanasia, consider how you can legally kill yourself and your unborn baby, but you can't find a doctor to adequately treat physical pain or legally get opiates on your own to treat your own pain because of the ridiculous war on drugs. You can kill yourself, but you can't medicate yourself. Whattaworld.
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