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Full Version: For a former family friend
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A former family friend - long story, heavy drug use led to my fiancée and I cutting all ties- is in the ER in critical condition. I don't know the details, honestly they're kind of irrelevant in my mind. All I know- I'm not there, as I just walked in the door, turned on my phone and got barraged by messages- is that the police are interviewing my fiancée and her best friend (his ex), who found him severely beaten and missing a shoe and his wallet; they were going over to his house to retrieve some of the friend's belongings. 

Please help me pray he survives this and turns his life around. His name is AJ.

Thank you.
Memorare. :pray2:
Thank you, In His Love.

He's not doing good. It's what I initially suspected- overdose. At least four shots of Narcan between the ambulance and the ICU barely revived him. He's in a medically induced coma, has some sort of blood infection (likely from shooting up), is on dialysis because his kidneys are failing, and, if he somehow survives, will lose a leg. He was in one position for eight hours, at least, and has no circulation in it. He's medically died once already, but the doctors were able to eventually revive him.

His father is en route from out of state and will arrive tomorrow.