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Full Version: A page for your atheist friends
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A page for your snarky atheist friends. Mind the language*; I'm not fooling around. (a TinyURL link for use in Twitter: )

*Because of the language, it's not linked to internally inside the FE site. This is for emailing to people, tweeting, posting in Youtube comments when the snark comes your way, etc. Copy it, save it, and use it liberally. Please.

Saved, and I'm going to write a blog post linking to it, as well as keeping it handy for the reasons you mention.
I wouldn't want to send my friends a page which starts with the words "You're an assh**e". Besides, that title won't make them more inclined to read the rest of the text....maybe you could change that phrase.
This is for the SNARKY atheists, not the "I really don't believe in God is all" types.
You had my short attention with the word "asshole." Big Grin
Vox, this is EXCELLENT!  

While I certainly don't agree with everything you wrote, and I haven't had the time to give this a deep pondering, this is an absolutely superb resource! 

Being a fellow who came from a nominal Southern Baptist family who rejected God and hated him, and ridiculed my God-believing family members as under educated simpletons as best, a lot of this rung true. 

Thank God, thank the Blessed Mother, and thank them a million times they saved me from philosophical and intellectual quagmire that is atheism, God alone knows what would have become of me had I refused.

Thank you for this resource Vox, I will be spreading it on the internet to our delightful keyboard warrior friends.
Won't be able to read this properly for the next day or so - but looking forward to this one! Wow!
Brilliant! I wish I could hand this out to everybody.
Two memes that seem apropos:
[Image: Atheism.jpg]

[Image: Science.jpg]
I chose to remove this post because the video I linked to was pretty vulgar in the language department.
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