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Full Version: Jesus Didn't Die On Friday??
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So my son said this to me the other day and I was astonished.  He says it's common knowledge that there was no "Friday" at the time of Christ.  

I don't know where he is getting this, but unfortunately he is being educated by Jesuits these days. :/

I've tried looking this up but can't seem to find a reliable resource.

Do you guys know anything about this?

Thanks in advance. :)
Set the boy and his teachers straight:
As Colonel Potter would say, 'Horse hockey'! Of course there was no 'Friday' when Our Lord suffered death. 'Friday' is an Anglo-Saxon word Frīġedæġ, meaning the 'day of Frige', Frige being the 'goddess' the Old English associated with Venus. In French it's vendredi from the Roman terminology dies Veneris, the Day of Venus. In the Church, in Latin, it is Feria Sexta, the Sixth Day, counting Dominica (Sunday) as the first day.

The point is that He died on the day before the Sabbath, and the day before the Sabbath is called, today, in English, Friday. If that's Jesuit 'education'. there is something seriously wrong! (Oh wait! Francis is a Jesuit, right?)
It's pretty evil for people claiming to be Catholics to subtly undermine points of the Catholic Faith to trusting laymen.

Modernists who have chipped away at little details here and there have been responsible for many of souls the past few decades.