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Full Version: Anyone heard from JMichael?
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I haven't heard from him lately and it says it's been since the start of October since he's checked in.  Anyone else know?
No, I haven't. I haven't heard from PrairieMom either, for that matter.
Hopefully they are both  alright.
Wow! JMichael checked in last month, but PrairieMom hasn't posted since July!
Yeah I noticed PrairieMom's been gone awhile but come to think about it JMichael's been missing too.
JMichael posted about two months ago in a similar thread that he wasn’t posting here much anymore, or words to that effect. Aside from that, nada. 

I haven’t seen Prairie Mom post in awhile, either.

I hope all is well with both of them. I miss their presence and banter here.