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Full Version: Any solid TLMs in Northern Virginia?
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Any recommendations for TLMs in Northern Virginia?
I'd try searching the websites of FSSP, SSPX, ICK, and the like. They usually got their locations on there. Another option is to look for diocesean ones. Is there a Basilica near you? Perhaps they offer the TLM.
Where in NOVA?  I can't think of any TLM only parishes, but there several parishes that offer the TLM.  St. Louis and St. Rita in Alexandria, St. Raymond in Springfield, St. Patrick in Fredericksburg, St. Anthony in King George, and St. John the Beloved in Falls Churchistan.
How close to DC/Alexandria are you?  Obviously you will have more access to traditional liturgy, Eastern and Western as well as St. Luke's, which is an Anglican Use parish.  

There is an FSSP Parish in Richmond, and an SSPX chapel there too, Jeeter pretty much named all the diocesan ones.

I have been to St. Patrick's and St. Anthony's, and I would say they are both good parishes.
If you do the smart phone thing, I'd suggest getting the TLM Finder app.
All sorts in Northern Virginia. Also if you want to make the trip, St. Mary's in DC is great.