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Full Version: Charles Coulombes's Latest Video-Interracial Marriage
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My dear friend does make one mistake in the video. In discussing Church law on mixed marriages, those between a Catholic and a validly baptised non-Catholic, he says the Church requires the non-Catholic partner to promise to raise any children as Catholics. That was true under the Corpus, and under the Pio-Benedictine Code of 1917. It is no longer true under the Johannine Code of 1983. Canon 1125 says,

The local ordinary can grant a permission of this kind (for a mixed marriage, as defined above-JW) if there is a just and reasonable cause. He is not to grant it unless the following conditions have been fulfilled:
1/ the Catholic party is to declare that he or she is prepared to remove dangers of defecting from the faith and is to make a sincere promise to do all in his or her power so that all offspring are baptised and brought up in the Catholic Church;
2/ the other party is to be informed at an appropriate time about the promises which the Catholic party is to make, in such a way that it is certain that he or she is truly aware of the promise and obligation of the Catholic party;
3/ both parties are to be instructed about the purposes and essential properties of marriage which neither of the contracting parties is to exclude.

The video isn't playing, at least for me.
Let me try again.
I have no idea why it's not working. It plays fine on my blog! Click on the link in my sigline if you want to watch it. It's the first post.
I'm listening to it now. I'm happy that he isn't in objection to interracial marriage. I don't know why anyone would let something as superficial as skin color impact how they see someone's marriage.
I've known Charles for 25 years, and I can guarantee you, he just follows the Church!
Good advice given.

What was he referring to about her necklace and his exclamation?

I couldn't understand.