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Full Version: Paul VI to be canonized????
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Lovely. I certainly hope he's in Heaven, but this is imprudent to say the least. I don't see myself praying to him.

Pope Paul VI set for sainthood, miracle identified

Medical doctors and Vatican theologians have given the green light. The newspaper of the diocese of Brescia: what better opportunity than the October 2018 synod?


Pope Paul VI, beatified in 2014 by Pope Francis, a step towards sanctification.  

In a special issue entitled “It will be the year of Paul VI Saint”, the weekly magazine of the diocese of Brescia, La voce del popolo, writes that on 13 December, theologians of the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints recognized a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope Montini, after a first free go-ahead had been given by the medical consultation of the Vatican Congregation itself. At this point it is necessary that the cardinals of the Congregation and, finally, the Pope express themselves on the same miracle.  
The miracle regards the birth of a girl from Verona called Amanda, who in 2014 had survived for months despite the fact the placenta was broken.  
Pope Francis beatified his predecessor on 19 October 2014, concluding the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.  
“Rumors are so insistent and the next steps so fast to take, that everything indicates 2018 as Blessed Paul VI’s canonization year”, writes the diocesan newspaper of Brescia. The last official stage took place last December 13 in the theological commission. The miracle attributed to the intercession of John Baptist Montini about the healing of a fetus in prenatal age in 2014 was approved. The expectant mother native from Verona, at risk of miscarriage, a few days after the beatification of Montini in Brescia, went to the Sanctuary “delle Grazie”, to pray to the newly beatified Pope.  
Subsequently, a child in good health was born. After the doctors and theologians’ recognition, there are still a few more steps to be taken: the passage in the commission of cardinals, the final approval of the Pope and that of the Consistory with the official announcement and the definition of the date. But at this point, it is more than a hope. The month of October could be the right one. From 3 to 28 October in Rome, the 15th Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on young people will be celebrated and will gather in the Vatican prelates from all over the world. What better opportunity to canonize in front of such a large portion of the College of Bishops, the other pontiff, after Saint John XXIII of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council? It will most likely take place on one of the first three Sundays of October, even if the most accredited date today seems to be the 21. Indeed, sooner or later, in 2018 Paul VI will be Saint! We praise the Lord to Whom we entrust the year that will come”. 
It certainly wouldn't surprise me in this post-VII chaos that we're living in. Canonize the council since people are starting to realize what a farce it was. 

It may be an unpopular opinion in trad regions, but at least JPII was quite a saintly and holy man. He certainly had imperfections, although one wonders what pressures he had within the Vatican that forced him to do certain things. However, I cannot grasp John XXIII or Paul VI as saints. This is why the devil's advocate needs to be brought back. People are being canonized faster than ever. In the past even some of the greatest of saints took centuries to canonize. Today it's done in such short periods of time.
Like I ain't judging if they're in heaven or not, and I pray that they are. But it's certainly interesting how a series of pontiffs who's Church was in an unprecedented state of chaos and decay are all being canonized. Makes ya wonder.
Oh good grief...why don't we just canonize the damned bloody phony Council. After all that's what all this garbage is about. Hey let's canonize Pope John Paul I...I'm sure if his pontificate lasted longer than 33 days, he surely would have been canonized too.

I'm sure these men are in Heaven, but I'm sorry but I'm annoyed that Thomas Kempis is considered un-electable; Leo XIII, Pius IX, Fulton Sheen, GK Chesterton, Hillare Belloc, Emil Kapaun, and Pius XII cases are simply rotting in the basement...oh but my goodness! We must break our necks to canonize these Popes of the Glorious and Brilliant Council. Sometimes that Vatican acts like the damned bloody North Koreans with their absurd worshiping of that worthless piece of rubbish. That council isn't worth the paper it was written on and not worthy of use for wiping one's ass with.
The Council doesn't need to be canonized,its already been put into the very lifeblood of everything from Canon Law to the Liturgy. No amount of wishful thinking can erase the reality that de facto Vatican II IS the Magna Carta for the RCC today, canonizing Paul VI is just adding one more post conciliar brick in place.  

The RCC is never going back to what it was outside of fringe groups in various states of full or partial communion with the farcical papacy and even more farcical hierarchy of out of touch celibate  wealthy old fuddy duddys. It's become a joke.  

If it weren't for the real experiences of grace and unexplained happenings I've seen within the RCC I would have washed my hands of this ridiculous soap opera a long time ago! 

I certainly hope Paul VI is in heaven, but making him a saint is a poor example. These days im not surprised.  I wouldn't even be surprised if the pope came out of the closet and made a World Gay Day or something like that, and I'm not at all being cheeky. 

I'm just over being constantly upset about the latest stupidity coning out of the Vatican. What a twisted joke it's become! I'm out of here for awhile again, there's almost never anything positive coming out of Rome anymore.
I have mixed feelings about John XXIII. I don't think he had any idea of the Satanic influences the Council would release upon the Church. However, canonising him and John Paul II, and Paul VI if it happens, are blatant attempts to 'canonise' the Council. If he is canonised, I will accept that, along with John and John Paul, he is in heaven. That will not change my opinion that it is a most imprudent act on the part of the Church, or my firm decision to never invoke them, or in any way promote their culti (sp?).

However, I know that in the long run, those who wish to destroy the Church (I'm not naming names!), will fail.

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