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Full Version: Clarification on dates of upcoming Feasts
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Firstly, wishing all at FishEaters' Traditional Catholic Forum : a very Happy New Year 2018...! Felicem Annum Novum MMXVIII...!

I would like to seek clarification on the dates of the following upcoming Feasts:

1. Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

2. Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord (Is it possible for the Parish Priest to transfer it to Sunday the 7th)...?

3. Feast of the Holy Family

Thanks in advance...

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The Feast of the Holy Name is tomorrow, 2 January.

Epiphany is 6 January, but at least in the US has been transferred by the Bishops to the 7th, which of course, puts paid to the Feast of the Holy Family, since it falls on the 7th.

For your information, here is the Calendar from Divinum Officium, and from the FSSP. Here from the SSPX is an interactive Calendar that will take you to the current day.

All of these are the 1962 Calendar, currently used by the recognised Traditional Institutes.