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Full Version: I'll be seeing St. Francis Xavier's relic this evening. How to visit properly(?)
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What is the proper, Traditional Catholic way to observe the relic?  (i.e. prayers, meditations, etc.)
It’s an arm, isn’t it?  I’d wave at it. An arm that old isn’t likely to hold up to a handshake or a high five.
I'll say with respect, and reflection upon his life and what he did to attain sainthood.

A fist bump would probably be a bad idea.
I don't exactly know what's the "proper" way, but If it's a whole arm in some sort of big tabernacle sized enclosure, I'd just bless myself in front of it and say a prayer. Often when it's a little bone chip or something like that and it's in a reliquary, the priest has us come up (like during Communion), and give it a little kiss. 

A good general rule in life when you're not sure: when in doubt, hang towards the back and see what the others do.
What Jaca said. But seriously, and with nothing but respect and affection, I feel you're over-thinking this. I've venerated a relic of the True Cross with less thought. Pay your respects in a way you see other people doing it, or if there's a handout with suggestions, follow that. Invoke him, and give thanks to God for his saintly life. And give thanks to God for this awesome (word used correctly!) opportunity.
I will buck the trend and say that the amount of thought you are putting into this is reasonable and good -- and it is shame more Catholics do not consider the proper traditions and postures appropriate for the veneration of holy relics or other things. What I would caution against is anxiety at not doing it properly. Put in some time to research how relics are to be venerated (usually with a kiss whilst kneeling, although what is an option with the cross-country tour of St. Francis' arm is unknown to me as of now), and do your best to remember and do it.
(01-05-2018, 02:07 PM)Jacafamala Wrote: [ -> ]A good general rule in life when you're not sure: when in doubt, hang towards the back and see what the others do.

- Proverbs 32:1

Side note: the guide put out by the CCO (the organizers of the relic tour) has said not to touch anything to the relic except a small prayer card (which I would imagine is given out to visitors), to protect the relic.