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Full Version: Any suggestions for a new gluten-intolerant person?
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I have been battling acute stomach pain and digestive upsets since 2012. I went to the prestigious Mayo clinic and even they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Thousands of dollars in medical bills later (I just got another one today), I decided to stop eating gluten. What a difference it has made. I have never felt better in my life.

However, I can eat pasta that is from Italian-grown wheat, and in the course of my research about this topic, I realize now that I am not actually allergic to gluten but rather to the Round-Up and other chemicals that are sprayed on almost all wheat grown in America. I do miss eating bread and crackers, though, and the gluten-free options in the stores are expensive and often have lots of fat and salt to make up for the missing gluten. I would like to make my own crackers and bread, but I do not know where to get flour that isn't grown in the US and sprayed with toxins.

Does anyone know anything about finding flour that doesn't have all these chemicals sprayed on it? Is organic flour a good substitute? I know that the term "organic" doesn't mean that the wheat wasn't sprayed with pesticides, as organic farmers use "organic" pesticides.

Thanks, all. Any information would be helpful. God bless.
Try for Italian wheat. I looked on there and found some choices. Hopefully it will work for you.
Instead of using mixes, use basic ingredients.  You may also find that the preservatives and chemicals in those things do your body no good at all.  You can make a nice cracker from almond flour.  I've even made almond meal biscuits.  These speciality flours are expensive but they are cheaper than the mixes (because you can buy and bulk).
Check out the new post I have in this forum on Round Up. It supports the helpful posts that others have made in this thread and perhaps explains why they are so correct in their suggestions.