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Full Version: Transformations
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FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Lent is almost upon us!  It is a time of conversion, a time of sacrifice, a time for growth.  Might we even say: a time for transformation?
As a sacristan, the days leading up to Lent are a time of transformation on a physical, tangible level.  I have to prepare our chapel for this beautiful, grace-filled season in which our hearts are to be prepared for Easter.
One transformation which takes place is burning of last year’s palms to make ashes for tomorrow’s observance.  Suffice it to say that yesterday morning this process involved complications that I am not eager to repeat.  (The 1968 hit song “Ring of Fire” was sung in my honor by one of my co-workers.)  Lent is a good time to grow in humility, so I guess I got a jump start.
I also just got done taking the poinsettias out of chapel.  They are still there from Christmas.  (Maybe, we can save one or two white ones for St. Joseph’s Day.)
Another change inherent in the beginning of Lent here is the changing of missalettes.  New ones start tomorrow.  Before Mass I had to find and bring out the boxes of new missalettes to be distributed.
Furthermore, the altar cloths will have to be changed to violet.  As I put away the green chalice veil after Mass this morning, I commented to Father that we won’t be needing this until May or June.
Our large violet altar cloth is currently hanging over the table in the little private dining room (which is not used that much).  It is my hope the wrinkles will be diminished by this which will minimize the needed ironing.
Amidst these exteriors, I am praying for the grace to make a good Lent and for guidance to know what I should do to expedite the transformation process.  Like last year’s palms and our chapel, I pray that I may be transformed more and more into what God wants me to be.
Beautiful, Sister! I just shared this on my blog, with attribution and a link to yours, of course.
(02-13-2018, 05:24 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: [ -> ]Beautiful, Sister! I just shared this on my blog, with attribution and a link to yours, of course.

Thank you.  I'll have to look yours up.