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Full Version: Books, articles, and tips on reparation and penance
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I feel like part of my "calling," if that's the correct term, is to work on doing penance and reparation for the sins of the world. It was Our Lady of Fatima who caused me to revert to the One True Faith, and one of the key, perhaps even the key messages of Fatima was, "Penance! Penance! Penance!" I have always struggled with anger and frustration at the state of the world, as well as the Church once I reverted. I think that doing penance and reparation for the sins of the world will help me overcome my anger and frustration at the world, that it will help me become more detached from the world, and more attached to God. Does anyone have any good books, articles and tips on penance and reparation?
The penance requested by Our Lady is to do the duty of one’s state in life. Explanations of what those may be can be found here:

Look for the files marked “Duties of [...]”