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Full Version: The Importance of Eucharistic Adoration
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I have given this book to about 6 priests. I know one just set it aside and when I found it, I put it in our adoration chapel. I can hardly read it without coming to tears...

[Image: Awaken-Adoration.jpg]
The book  In Sinu Jesu: The Journal of a Priest At Prayer is powerful, perhaps the most authentic locutions in a long while, explaining in a nearly explosive way the transference of Grace  through deep Eucharistic Adoration.
In it we learn how the power of Christ is released -- and how an Adoration chapel affects not only the church where it is located, and those praying inside, but the entire surrounding community.  It is a critical lesson at a time when darkness prevails in most regions.
"Where there is faith in My Real Presence, there will be Adoration," says one message, received during Adoration by a Benedictine priest in Ireland who has chosen to remain anonymous (but whose revelations have received a Nihil Obstat and an imprimatur from the bishop of Meath Mullingar, Ireland).
"Where there is Adoration, there will be an efficacious radiance of My Presence, drawing souls to My Eucharistic Heart and surrounding them, even at a distance, with the healing influence of My Eucharistic Face.
"In those places where I am exposed upon the altar to receive the Adoration, the reparation, and the companionship of My friends -- and first of all, of My priests -- My radiance is powerful and strong. Faith, Adoration, and love act as receptors; thus is My Power drawn out and made effective, invisibly but really, in space and in time," says the journal of this monk, in a message he recorded before the Blessed Sacrament in 2010.
[Image: 379968_2703609905032_412279678_n-e1369817009186.jpg]"It was the same with My sacred humanity during My life on earth: the faith and love of My friends drew out the virtue of My Divinity, and an invisible radiance acted in souls and upon them, bringing healing, holiness, and many graces of conversion."
So it is that we, in acts of prayer, in Adoration, participate in the unleashing of a power beyond what physical eyes can see and what our sense of touch can feel, power that can be perceived only in the Spirit -- but that can transform those around us, as well as the recesses of our own souls, which only if entirely white, as pure as a Host, enter Heaven.
When He is adored, says the Lord to this hidden priest, who was prompted to write down what he heard, Christ's "hidden action" upon souls is "wonderfully increased."
"The place where I am adored becomes a radiant center," he heard Jesus intone, "from which love, life, and light are diffused in a world in the grip of hatred, darkness, and death."
Indeed -- say the alleged locutions, which began in 2007 and apparently continue, discerned by a spiritual director as gratia gratis data (real Grace) --  chapels of Adoration are not mere refuges for the devout. They are "the radiant, pulsating centers of an intense Divine activity that goes beyond the walls of the place where I am adored to penetrate homes, and schools, and hospitals; to reach even those dark and cold places wherein souls are enslaved to Satan; to penetrate hearts, heal the infirm, and call home those who have wandered far from Me."
[Image: seek-adoration.jpg]Perpetual Adoration or even of prolonged daily Adoration, the priest quotes Jesus as telling him, is "intensely apostolic and supernaturally efficacious.
"Would that My bishops understood this!"
Instead, alas -- lament the locutions -- the Church relies "in human schemes, in plans devised by the worldly-wise, and in programs drawn up along short-sighted human principles. And so they go, and will continue to go, from failure to failure, and from disillusionment to disillusionment."
Do we not see this in parish programs that are too dry, prolonged, and artificial to touch the young, too surficial to draw back those who no longer attend Mass -- too rote to draw converts in the Holy Spirit's electric living way of living fully in each moment?
Are we not blinded by a religiosity that buries us in debate about often minute Church matters while neglecting the essence -- the real, actual prayer power, and the real miracles -- of our Faith?
"Welcome Home" campaigns sound nice on a drawing board, and we think of religious broadcasts as relevant, but how often are they efficacious -- does the debate, does the chatter, do the programs, lead to the actual deliverance and elevation of the soul?
Let us count converts more than viewers. Each convert is a potential missionary.
"Woe to those bishops who trust in purely human solutions to the problems that beset My Church!" said a locution that same year. "They will be grievously disappointed, and many souls will fall away because they have neglected to take up the supernatural weapons I have prepared for them in this time of spiritual combat."
Perhaps there are Catholics of means who could get this book in the hands of as many priests as possible or at least bishops as possible.
Cleanse your life of the rubbish accumulated over so many years, we are instructed. Cleanse the heart by being poor -- humble -- in spirit. Live in the present. Treat each moment as if it would be your last. Live life to its fullest and purest, always. Seek nothing but His desires. Waste no time. A deep Lenten message.
'Therein lies your peace," says a locution in 2011. "Therein lies your joy."
"Your plans, your desires, and your anxieties are but puffs of smoke blown away by the wind.
"Only what I will endures.
"Only what I will gives you happiness.
"Seek then what I will, and trust Me to give you what you seek.
"Souls who chase after rainbows pass by the treasures that I have laid beneath their feet, leaving them behind to pursue a future that is not, and that will not, come to be.
"This is an exhausting exercise for you and for so many souls like you, who, enchanted by an ideal, fail to see My word, and the splendor of My will for them, revealed in the present."

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