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Full Version: what food do you never eat?
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(04-16-2018, 05:22 PM)dahveed Wrote: [ -> ]Anything glutenous. Yes, I miss some of them. But not ever. On a slightly different note, I'll pass on anything along the lines of rocky mountain oysters, out of sympathy.  :)


or glutton?

Offal is awful.


Scrapple, chickens feet, pig knuckles, headcheese, anything that's leftover scraps of an animal. I appreciate it, but can't do it.

I'll never make the mistake of eating durian again.
Anything that comes out of Seaworld kitchens, vegetarian "meat" products, (insanity IMO) Synthetic meat, AKA meat grown in a testube/whatever
Fresh tomato. I can't stand it. Cooked tomatoes or tomato sauce is great, but fresh tomato in salads or on sandwiches is awful.
I forgot blood pie and tripe. Blood pie is famous in Italian homes at Easter. Looks like chocolate pudding cake. I heaved when I tasted it as a child..imagine my surprise!
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