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Full Version: Are all Protestant religions misogynistic (no Mary)?
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Yeh, i have noticed that Protestants generally tend to be (or come across as) misogynists and I just know it is because they do not honor or pray to Mary... I just know  this, even though it can't be proven..

But it kind of stands to reason.. I mean, you know, God is thought of as male.. Jesus is male... John the Baptist and all the Apostles were male

so the Catholics are the ones with the female we can pray to.. a loving mother.

I never had a loving earthly mother so t his means an awful lot to me.. and yet, she is for everyone, even those who never had my problem...

Some say you cannot get to Heaven without Mary... The older  I get the more I believe  that.. 
He who does not honour the Mother, will without doubt dishonour the Son-St Bernard of Clairvaux
I suppose it depends what you mean by "misogynist," but in my experience, Mainline Protestants generally go to the opposite extreme of radical feminism and egalitarianism.  Women's "ordination" is one of the fruits of this.

There are a few Anglican and Lutheran communities that have varying degrees of Marian devotion, but they are the exception that proves the rule.
Try introducing them to the movie Mary of Nazareth with Alissa Jung. It is a superb movie, excellent acting throughout, not to be confused with the older Protestantized one. Also ask why, when Mary says "all generations shall call me blessed" why they refuse to do so.