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Full Version: Diocesan Rosary Crusade
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His Excellency James Conley, our Bishop, has called for a Diocesan Rosary Crusade. I've volunteered to be the 'point man' in my Parish. 

Here is the letter sent out to the Parish Priests of the Diocese:

Quote:Thank you for preaching on our Blessed Mother’s Rosary on the Rosary Sunday assigned to your parish and to help spread this particularly effective devotion in bringing us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.  I hope that you were able to read the front-page article in the Southern Nebraska Register on the Crusade – it is a good overview of what Bishop Conley hopes to achieve through this campaign. The article can also be read on the diocesan website by going to the Southern Nebraska Register, New Stories, January 5th article, “Diocesan Launching Rosary Crusade”.
On your Rosary Sunday itself, the parish representative (and the team assembled) before the Masses will need to place the pledge cards in each seat of the pews and some pencils at the end of the pews so that the parishioners may fill them out during your homily (whose subject is the Rosary).  During the offertory, the parishioners will drop their pledge cards into the offertory basket with the collection.  Parish Reps will obtain these pledge cards after the collection is counted.  The representatives have been instructed to return the completed cards to me so that the numbers can be tallied for Bishop Conley and so that we can keep those who elected to fill out the optional email address informed as to future events. 
The goal is 100% commitment from the parishioners to pray either: 1) the Daily Family Rosary; or 2) Pray a Daily Decade of Scripture Rosary with their family.

I guess I'm 'the team assembled' since no one else volunteered!  :) However, we're a small Parish!

Please pray for our success.