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Full Version: Rosary for Life and Faith - Ireland - Defeat the Baby-Killers!
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As many of you know, in May Ireland votes on a referendum to 'legalise' the murder of the unborn. Tomorrow, 18 March, Catholics are praying the Rosary across Ireland for life and the defeat of the baby-killing amendment. The date was chosen because it is the day between the Feast of St Patrick, Protector of Ireland and that of St Joseph, Protector of the Universal Church.

They will be praying especially at the Mass Rocks which were used as Altars for the celebration of secret, illegal Masses in the Penal times.

Here is the website of the movement:

Here are the prayers that will be said as well as the Rosary:

Please join them! The Prayers will be held in Ireland at 14.30 local time, which is 10.30 EDT, 09.30 CDT, 08.30 MDT, and 07.30 PDT in the US. If you can't pray then, pray at a different time, but PRAY!