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Full Version: Diocesan Rosary Crusade
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Our Bishop, His Excellency James Conley, has called for a Diocesan wide Eucharistic Family Rosary Crusade. The Masses today and tomorrow are the kick off in our Parishes. I volunteered to be the 'point man' for our Parish. Not that it's much work! I stood at the entrance to the nave earlier at the 18.00 Mass and passed out the pledge cards. Tomorrow morning, the 'greeters' will hand them out. Signing the pledge card commits one to either reciting a 'full' five decade Rosary daily, or to one decade of the Scripture Rosary.

Here is the flyer that was available after Mass today, along with free, blessed Miraculous Medals.

[Image: flier.jpg]

Phase one is promotion of the Rosary. Phase two is Adoration, with a pledge to make a weekly Holy Hour before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Phase three is to work toward Perpetual Adoration in our Parishes.

Is it any wonder that Lincoln is orthodox and that our Diocesan Seminary is full?

For anyone interested in learning more and, maybe, trying to get something similar started in your own Diocese, here's a link to the article in our Diocesan paper announcing it, Diocese launching rosary crusade, and here's  the link to Lincoln Rosary.