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Full Version: Geoengineering is Killing the Biosphere...NOW!
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Geoengineering is becoming a real threat to the survival of humanity. The 'engineering' has been very effective at changing our climate and even more so, in destroying the biosphere as well. It is at a most critical position today, right this minute. If it isn't stopped immediately, we all may become even sicker and this earth will be fit for something other than human life. Makes one wonder why they are engineering the earth to be closer to Venus in atmosphere than what we had 20 years ago.

This video isn't that long, about 50 minutes, but it would be advisable to listen to, because action, getting hold of our political 'leaders' on the issue now. If you don't listen to it all, check out at the 30 minute mark or so. The iorny is that these changes are directly related to the geoengineering, not to CO2 increases, not to natural causes, but human geoengineering in the form of high altitude spraying of poisonous chemicals.

As the video brings out at near the end, why are the 'elite' heading for the survivalist camps from Washington, DC and other power structure cities? That fact in and of itself is very ominous.

My husband and I have been concerned about this for a while, too. The fluorescent "streaks" in the sky have gotten really bad where we live, especially since 2015 -- and funnily enough, that was the year we started experiencing freak weather with 70-degree winter days (we're in the Upper Midwest) and unusual growth/blooming patterns for plants. I don't want my kids to grow up breathing this bad air, but it seems inescapable in the US at this point.

I think the best bet (in the short term) is to bring this up with farmers, herbalists and organic gardeners in your area; many have noticed the weather changes, and tend to be more open to discussing geoengineering (and other govt. initiatives that harm their livelihood). The urban general public tends to be more preoccupied and disconnected from nature, but some will listen if you bring things up the right way.
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Yes, there was a thread and discussion on the rather well done video on the boards some time ago. ;)