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Full Version: Question for MM, FormerBuddhist and Jovan about the Divine Office
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Generally speaking, how long does it take for you each to say your respective offices. I know that between the three of you, you do the Roman and the Benedictine Offices, as well as the Little Office.  

Just interested in getting solid numbers on things.  How long do each of the Hours take, when do you normally say them, etc.
If I may, I'd like to add a question of my own: I know that if someone is a third order/oblate, they are expected to pray the Office (if it is a duty) "as much as their life circumstances allow" -- is it the same with the Little Office if one is enrolled in the brown scapular? Or must brown scapular devotees pray the whole thing daily, if the obligation hasn't been commuted to something else? I've been taking a stab at the Little Office for the last couple weeks, but the most I've managed in a day is Matins (after coming home from my second shift job) and a couple of the little hours between waking and heading into work the next day. I am not yet enrolled in the scapular; just seeing how faithful I could be to that obligation.

Sorry for hitching a ride on this thread. I was literally about to post that question anyway, so I figured there's no use in cluttering the forum with another query about the same (sorta) topic.
There used to be a form on FE devoted entirely to the office etc, it is probably in the archives. Check it out there is tons of great info there. It would be nice to bring that back I spent most of my time there..

:D  Hint hint oh great forum space being...
I pray either Morning or Evening Prayer daily from the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham; that roughly takes me 30 minutes to pray either.

I know it's not the same as praying the Divine Office, but the concept is similar. It comes with all the fun of page-turning and ribbon markers. I highly recommend looking into the Anglican prayer book tradition (through the Catholic Church) because it's been very fruitful in my prayer life.

I now look forward to setting time aside each day to pray this way.

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It depends for me. These days life's been so busy I'm lucky to get one nocturn of Matins, None and Vespers but when things are quiet i manage most of the office and it takes probably 1.5 to 2 hours total,especially if it's a feast day or Sunday where Matins is 3 Nocturns and 12 lessons. On those days Matins alone take about an hour.
As a note, Divinum Officium has a recitation time page that shows how long each version of the office should take (I assume for a fluent Latin speaker, I think they used a computer to calculate it).

The 1960 version takes around one hour in total except on first class feasts which is an hour and half.
The modern Office of morning and evening prayers do not take very long at all, especially the evening prayer.  Now if you pray the Latin Office, it will take considerable longer.
I probably spend around an hour to an hour and half reciting the Divine Office according to Johannine Reform. The Little Office, which I recite according to the Carmelite Rite, takes about 30 or 35 minutes. These are actually shorter times than they should be, because I have a tendency to end up rushing through because there is something going on.

My Rule only calls for one or the other, but I try to recite them both, according to the rubrics from the Bute Breviary, but if I don't have time for both, I do the DO, because I love the Martyrology.
(04-25-2018, 12:04 PM)Magdalene Wrote: [ -> ]The modern Office of morning and evening prayers do not take very long at all, especially the evening prayer.  Now if you pray the Latin Office, it will take considerable longer.
Certainly, but lay people are not bound to pray it. So in theory you can just pray parts of it. 

I guess if I were structured enough to do it daily, I'd say a good place for a lay person to start would be lauds, vespers, compline. Then from there you can try to add on other hours. Maybe you can just add on the readings in Matens (or even just reading 4-9 which tend to be a commentary about the saint of the day and the gospel of the day - these were greatly trimmed in the 1960 Office). You could also add on Prime since it has the martyrology.

If someone wants to take on the whole office each day, then it would certainly take a lot of structure and discipline in one's life.
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