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Full Version: Ho "Nice" can embrace evil: the unrecognized spiritual battle
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All the Nice Inclusive Catholics, Walking Toward their Doom.
The Marxocrat Party Voter Base consists of purposely alienated and enraged Victim-Groups filled with hate. The Nice Inclusive Catholic Movement is building the same kind of "Base", with purposely manipulated and agitated Sinners.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, April 24, 2018

In Truth Divides and Falsehood Includes, we warned of the danger of the "Super Inclusive" and "Multiculturalism" stratagems of Evil would eventually reverse the original situation of Division, between Good and Evil in the world. And then [i]They[/i] would wind up dividing [i]Us[/i] out, even to banishment, prison, or slavery, or death. And yes, even to Hell, by our own inattentiveness to [i]Truth[/i] and our increasing loss of [i]True Faith[/i]. 

It has already begun. 

Look at the political arguments in the news today. Politicians, and even the ordained, are put on the carpet so to speak and fiercely questioned on camera on just where they get the unmitigated gall to challenge anyone's right to commit an abortion, or any of a number of other evils. 

And now, we have been so desensitized that no one even remembers that Americans have an absolute Constitutional right to Life. It isn't even brought up. And even [i]Catholics[/i] have been so desensitized that most of them no longer remember that Human Life itself is [i]Sacred[/i]. 

We have been taught (indoctrinated?) to be Nice, to be Inclusive, to hate the Sin but love even the obstinate unrepentant sinner, and not be [i]Divisive[/i] or [i]Judgmental[/i]. And even that obstinate unrepentant sinners may go to heaven, too, and maybe, just maybe, there is no such thing as Hell. 

Attentiveness to the predominant News (propaganda?) shows how everyone is really the same, and no one should ever be disinvited from our family, our country, our politics or even from our religion, no matter what they believe or how they act or what they do. Even criminals can be [i]helped[/i], if we would only help them rather than punish them. We're all the same under the skin. 

None of that is true. All of it is false. 

I invite you to read Being Nice Isn't Good Enough, by Fr. Jerry J. Pokorsky, published in [i]Crisis Magazine[/i]. Look at the photograph. Pay close attention to the faces of the Nazi SS soldiers observing the ordinary, mundane, even boring murder of another Jew. Study them. They were not all born evil; they slowly allowed themselves to be made evil, in the same manner in which Americans and even Catholics today are becoming accepting of such horrors as abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, etc., etc., etc. 

It wasn't just Hitler. It was inattentiveness to [i]Truth[/i], on the parts of each of the individual soldiers. Hitler wasn't even a [i]populist[/i], to begin with. He never won any popular election. He was [i]appointed[/i] Chancellor, and it was all downhill from then. His inflaming oratory then moved enough of the populace to support him and believe his lies to get them to do the sort of thing seen in the photo. They had all been, and still thought of themselves as being, [i]Nice Men[/i]. They couldn't even see the evil they were doing. They were [i]Not Nice[/i]. But they couldn't see that fact any more. They had gone evil, even if they were unconscious of it. They were still evil. 

Being sincerely wrong is still being wrong. Belief does not affect reality. Hitler's public speaking was electrifying to many of the most dangerous among the population. The public oratory of our own Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, was quite similar. The dregs of human culture were drawn to it. It was uniformly anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Western Civilization, anti-Capitalism, and even anti-white race and anti-majority. And, just as in Hitler's Germany, it drew the scum of the earth and organized them into the "Master" class of the day, raising them from the prisons, gutters and alleyways to the highest ranks of society. At least in their own minds. And, importantly, to the willing acceptance, and [i]Inclusiveness[/i], of the whole society. To German society's latter horror, and to Germany's undoing. 

Fortunately, the [i]Trump Phenomenon[/i] stopped the same process here in America, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. We shall see. 

Fr. Pokorsky correctly points out the process by which Nice Men become Evil without even being aware of it. Take a few minutes to watch the Church Militant video of our own Catholic Cardinal Deceivers for how Catholics are being led into evil by actual anointed Princes of the Church. The Catholic Church today is just as infected with Evil as is the Political process in America. 

This should be even more cause for worry within Catholicism than our whole anti-American Marxocrat Party is in our politics. When men, including Cardinals, pretending to hold the Catholic faith teach the faithful to be [i]Nice[/i] and [i]Inclusive[/i] of Sodomites and Perverts, it becomes obvious how deeply Cultural Marxism has seeped into and soaked our whole once unique and clearly identifiable [i]Catholic Culture[/i]. 
We become [i]Evil[/i] in direct proportion to how we become [i]Nice[/i]. 

Good men must be exclusive, not inclusive, of evil. Period. Enough of being Nice. It's time to be Divisive. It's time to Stand Out. 

If you are truly Catholic, standing in the fullness of Truth, then act like, it, look like it, and [i]Be Obviously Catholic[/i], everywhere you go, everything you do, in all company, in all situations and in every single environment. Being Catholic comes even before being American. 

And if you are really Catholic, then, why hide that fact? Whom do you fear? 

Become fully and publicly Catholic. Wear your Crucifix on top of your tie, not under it. Wear your Miraculous Medal on top of your shirt, not under it. Cross yourself and say Grace before meals in all public settings. Pronounce your faith proudly, and be ready to defend it against any detractors. 

Learn your Catholic Faith well enough to profess it, and then profess it, publicly and proudly. Stand against evil and against evildoers. Get apart from them and do not smile and accommodate or welcome them into the Catholic Camp. 

This is war. Unseen, unrecognized, but still unmistakably [i]War[/i]. 

Turn off all the TV sitcoms that represent only dysfunctional families, that present men as stumbling bumblers, women as always superior intellects but only children as truly wise. And that show Clerics as amiable clowns and social buffoons out of touch with the times. Turn off all the "Gay" celebrity shows and perverted entertainers, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, etc., and do not join the chorus of "Inclusive" and "Nice" fans who choose to overlook or look beyond their evil chosen lifestyle and make them rich and famous. While they quietly recruit others to abandon their own nature to adopt and live the evil way. After all, we're all the same under the skin. Have nothing to do with them. 

Do not believe the lies of Scientism that insist that homosexuals are born to be homosexual and there is nothing they can do about it. This is not scientific progress, but [i]Culturally Marxist[/i] progress. It is culturally [i]regressive[/i], not progressive, and real science has nothing to do with it. 

Just as we said in Origin Of Species regarding evolutionary [i]Speciation Events[/i], and just as we said in Refuting Freudianism regarding [i]Subconscious Minds[/i] and [i]Repressed Memories[/i], we can offer the same challenge to the "born to be gay" nonsensical pseudo-scientific fraud. 

If anyone, in all of recorded human history, has ever observed and empirically proved the validity of a person born to be homosexual, then lay that example on the table before us for peer review, so that we all may observe it, examine it, examine the proofs, and independently put it to the test and prove or disprove it ourselves. 

And if that cannot be done, then stop calling it Scientific and stop pretending that it has ever even been subjected to the Scientific Method. Like Darwinism, and like Freudianism, it is nothing more than pure [i]Subjective Opinion[/i], with the support of the "Consensus Thinking" of men pretending to practice Science, but actually practicing [i]Scientistic Group-Think[/i]. Or "Democratic" science. There is nothing objective about it, and there is no empirical evidence supporting it. 

It is the [i]Nice[/i] point of view; it is [i]Inclusive[/i], it is [i]Progressive[/i], it is [i]Culturally Marxist[/i]; but it is also [i]False. [/i]
It's a lie, pure and simple. 

Have you, too, fallen victim to it? 

How about your Representative, and your Senator? 

How about your Pastor, and your Bishop? 

Don't you be a damned fool, and I mean that quite literally. 

With fear and trembling, work out your salvation--Phil 2:12
Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.
Please God, and Live Forever.