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Full Version: From Pope Benedict XIV
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Uggh, not enough Lent.
w/o Lent we would probably never sacrifice much of anything

Lent kind of forces you to do that.. (if you allow yourself to be "forced" that is)
Well, let's see. Fast and abstain on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Abstain on the Fridays of Lent. In 1908, the Law in the US was Fasting and abstinence  on Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent, and on Holy Saturday, plus the Ember Saturday in Lent. (Of course, all Ember days were fast and abstinence but we're only talking about Lent.) Fasting was required on every day of Lent, except Sundays.

That was in 1908. Now we fast and abstain for two days, and abstain only on eight. In 1908, there were 40 days of fasting and sixteen days of abstinence.

I wonder what the rules were in the mid 18th century, and what His Holiness would think of them now.
Well, yes but now it's  Easter. The flowering trees are all blooming and soon it'll be time for FHC's and May crownings. So beautiful. ETA: let's eat some cake!
                                         To hear some people explain it, fasting is so much more difficult now
(05-03-2018, 11:13 PM)Eric F Wrote: [ -> ]                                         To hear some people explain it, fasting is so much more difficult now

Sure! I passed the age of required fasting over ten years ago, and I still fast every day during Lent. And even before I got back together with my Dear Vegetarian Wife, I abstained on every day during Lent. (I still do, but it's no big thing, since I only eat meat if we go out to eat.)
Here are the regulations in the Diocese of Newark in 1873:

Anyway, for better or worse, this is one of the areas where there has been continuity, in as much as what is required has been made less and less and less as we progress through the years. 

There's a section in this  book on indulgences from 1895 by a priest who would later be a Cardinal that tries to give an explanation of this trend.  Its main focus is on the penitential canons in relation to indulgences, but it also addresses the seasonal fasts, etc. 

Start on page 344 of the book (368 of the browser viewer--the link should take you right to it), paragraph 7, and continue through paragraph 8 on 347 (371 of the browser):
Fasting I understand but not so much the abstaining part.  Today meat doesn't mean the same thing as it did in the past and look how many people don't eat meat.  So it's not like it has any meaning to many people.

Also some requirements of old are not practical today such as no sex for 3 days before communion.  If that was in effect couples would have to deny themselves daily mass which is a great thing or deny having children forever if they choose to attend daily mass just 1 or 2 days a week.

So we need to understand that although sometimes things of old were good, sometimes the way we do things now are better.  Perspective.