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Full Version: Confirmed by a Homily
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Peace.....I went to Mass today, and the homily was about "persecution" and I thought I should share the points being made in this homily since the topic of persecution has come up on the forum recently.

The priest said that we are under great persecution - and we normally think of being persecuted by those who are not of the same faith, or those of no faith just being outside of the Church.  This is still true, however today we have to be aware because persecutions are also within the Church.  Our own Catholic brothers and sisters are persecuting us for standing up for the Truth, teachings of Christ, following the Catechism of the Church and keeping Tradition.  As soon as we defend this, we find ourselves under persecution.  The hardest kind of persecution is the subtle persecution because we cannot see it coming, we cannot discern the words; it will be like honey in the speech being given to us - trickery.  It is best to stay close to the Cross, the teachings of Christ, Tradition of the Church, pray throughout the day and keep your mind on Christ.  Never let go of the Blessed Mother's hand. - end of homily.....

I took this as a very strong confirmation of the forum discussion the past few days and a strong message to be vigilant and prepared always!  

God bless, angeltime :heart: