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Full Version: Reviews for Archdiocese of Baltimore
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Hi guys,

So I was looking at the reviews on google for the Archdiocese that I'm apart of which is Baltimore and their online reputation is totally trashed. There's a film on Netflix which is being promoted by film director Ryan White and it's about the supposed story of Sister Cesnik, God rest her soul, of being rape and then killed by Catholic priests. I'd have a request of everyone on this forum to go to the Archdiocese of Baltimore google review and give them 5 stars and paste this copy pasta in the as a comment.

Ryan White, director of the documentary "The Keepers" has an agenda against the Catholic Church. He has created this documentary not for the caring of people but in order to defame the Church because they oppose gay marriage and because they are threat to him and his homosexual lifestyle. White has other films like "The Case Against 8" where he attacks the courts for their judgments on Same-Sex marriage in the past. He defames the Church for the purpose of destroying their moral authority and stopping their influence. The CEO's at Netflix give his documentary spotlight by Emmy nominations and Cinema Awards because the film fits in with their agenda of destroying the authority of the Church and they do this because if the Church has authority and influence over what people should and should not do then it limits their power that they can impose onto the people.

Thank you