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Full Version: Catholic news websites
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I have to stop reading Catholic news. I know some of you might not agree. When I read about the blasphemy, protestants receiving the Eucharist is the latest thing. I get so upset, my stomach gets in knots, my anger grows. I turn into a miserable SOB. Plus there is nothing to do about it but pray. I have written letters to Cardinals and Bishops most not very nice because my emotions take over. I have posted here before about how I couldn't believe most Catholics don't know about the goings on in the Church, but maybe they are better off. I'm going to continue on my traditional Catholic practices and let the few orthodox Cardinals, Bishops and priests fight the fight. I will support them with my prayers. I need to keep my sanity.
Good choice, I try to do the same thing. 

I think unless that stuff honestly doesn't effect you negatively, or if it for some reason part of your duty to know these things, I see no reason to keep updated to all the horrible things going on in the Church.