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Full Version: Argentina Could Legalize Abortion Today
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                                                         Once again we're not hearing anything from the guy who's suppose to be in charge.
Craziness, I tells ya.  My wife's family is Argentine, and they're livid about this vote. 

I'm still in shock (kind of) that the pope hasn't spoken out more forcefully against this.  This is the only article I've found regarding him condemning the legalization of abortion in his native country, and it's 3 months old.
                                          No decision yet, but if they don't legalize abortion, it's pretty much a guarantee that Catholic churches will be vandalized.
The Argentine congress approved the bill.  Now it's off to the senate, and the president already said he'd sign it.
And absolutely no word from a prominent Argentine Catholic living in a hotel in the Vatican City. :(
Something should be done.
Well, your boy in Rome certainly won't do anything, just as he did absolutely nothing in the Irish situation.

                                          Alot of sick women, along with men, are now dancing in the streets, just like in Ireland, celebrating that it will soon be legal to go Jack the Ripper on the unborn.
That's terrible.
What kind of twisted minds celebrate this
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