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Full Version: Chevalier Charles Coulombe on The Irish & Abortion
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Just posted on my blog:

This is one of those occasions where a Charles Coulombe video is too important to wait until 15.00.

I have seldom seen the Chevalier angry, and never as angry as in this video. He pulls no punches. He points out the inconvenient truth that many people in the 33% who stood solid for life, and voted against the murder of the unborn were protestant members of the viciously anti-Catholic Loyal Order of the Orange. You know, those guys who love Cromwell for what he did to the Catholic Irish. The Chevalier says that he never wants to hear an Irishman who voted for abortion denounce Cromwell again. He points out that the Irish have abdicated the moral high ground they've had for centuries because of their suffering at the hands of the English.

He points out that the Irish voted for this abomination! In Britain it was put in by Parliament. In the US by the diktat of nine unelected judges. In every other country on the face of the earth, the killing of babies was foisted upon the people by parliaments or judges. Not so in Ireland! In Ireland the people voted to murder the unborn.