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Full Version: Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Pax!  I just read on Baronius Press that the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary was prayed by more people and especially large groups in medievel times during the great persecution.  I find this interesting because a few friends and I have just taken this prayer book on as a daily prayer book.  Some are praying together and others privately.  It seems more people I am connecting with are experiencing a call to be closer to the Bl Mother in our difficult times.  *the book on Baronius Press Website comes with Gregorian Hymns and was written by an FSSP priest.   God bless, angeltime :heart:
Yes the little Office is a beautiful alternative to the Breviary. I love how it identifies Mary with the personification of wisdom from the Bible.

I believe Jovan prays both the DO and the Little Office as part of his rule.