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Full Version: Pope Francis names three new auxiliary bishops for Chicago
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One of the priests Fr. Mark Bartosic celebrated Mass at my home parish yesterday. He was in town to visit his mother. Can't tell you much about him but he is reverant and I was told he is pretty orthodox.

Pope Francis names three new auxiliary bishops for Chicago
Why do I get the feeling these are three progressive catholics.
I was told by the Church secretary that Fr. Mark Bartosic is conservative, now I know that doesn't mean he's orthodox. The church secratay is a Byzantine Catholic turned Roman because of marriage and the lack of the Byzantine Church in our area. We have many talks about Orthodoxy and the state of the Church just about every morning. Anyway he went to our parish grade school. When he celebrates Mass when he visits I have never seen anything that was blatantly wrong. But he has only celabrated daily Mass. I hope and pray he will be a good Bishop, but only time will tell.