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Full Version: How many kinds of Catholicism do we have?
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How many kinds of Catholicism do we have?  

According to this lady, there are two kinds: The kind that adheres to Pope Francis' official stance on marriage equality, and the other kind.

[Image: maryelizabethwilliams2.png]

Quote:God forbid a Catholic priest preaches what the Catholic Church teaches. But because of that, Mary Elizabeth Williams, a staff writer for Salon and self-proclaimed Catholic, doesn’t know how she can be Catholic anymore.

William’s parish got assigned a new priest who is outspokenly pro-life and for traditional marriage, she wrote in a July 29 piece. That’s not a surprise, as these beliefs are in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. But apparently this newfound information caused her to walk out of Mass. She agrees with a Catholicism that is “spirituality rooted in real world action, one that speaks out from the pulpit against greed and violence” and praised her parish for collecting food for the poor. But a priest teaching doctrine is “the other kind of Catholicism,” the bad kind.

She and her daughter “flinched when he spoke of ‘traditional’ marriage, which can ‘only be between a man and woman,’” she wrote. She knew the “Vatican’s official stance on marriage equality,” but preferred the previous priest who quoted Pope Francis’ unverified statement about gay marriage (“God makes us who we are and loves us as we are”).

The major thing that set her off and caused her to walk out was his position on abortion. She had to “figure out where my daughters and I fit in within a culture that is inhospitable to women,” she wrote. This “inhospitality has become intolerable,” she added, because the priest dared to quote Mother Teresa saying that “the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself.”

She continued to write about why this is harmful to a woman, using a 2012 story of a pregnant teen with leukemia who, according to the CNN link she provided, “had been undergoing chemotherapy, died from complications of the disease.” But according to Williams, the teen was denied chemo because she was pregnant. Seems like she didn’t thoroughly read the link.

She doesn’t “expect any parish to contradict the church’s official stance on key issues,” however, she said a priest cannot “speak authoritatively on the motivations of women with regard to their own bodies” because he has “never faced that choice — or likely even spoken honestly with someone who has.”

Afterwards she had a talk with her 14-year-old daughter about “what to do when our personal beliefs don’t match up with what someone in authority says we should do.” It’s probably safe to say she will not be returning to Mass, claiming that “it’s not our beliefs that have changed; it’s our staffing.”

LifeNews Note: Rachel Peterson writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.
Better to have authentic Catholicism that will challenge the lost, who might one day return than to have a counterfeit that will allow them to comfortably plunge into hell.
As soon as I saw "staff writer for Salon", I knew it was some leftist drivel.

Back in the 90s we had a deacon at our local parish. He was devout when serving the eucharist and, rest his soul, I liked him as a person, but one Sunday his sermon started with a story of his youth. Him and a buddy as kids were tussling around and each had a cut on their hands. They then joined the cuts in the whole "blood brothers" thing. He then went on to say, "You probably wouldn't do that today, you'd probably get AIDS or something."

Believe me, nobody in my family was impressed with such tomfoolery. My Mom said she ALMOST would have preferred the Monsignor from her youth who literally screamed at people in the middle of mass, the confessional, etc. Monsignor Seiferman, from what I gathered, was almost OCD with his faith and people following rightly, leading to his outbursts. Apparently when one would see him say outside the rectory he was actually a pleasant guy. But on this day, my Mom would have likely given anything to have Seiferman go off on a screaming tirade against Deacon Bob for such a statement.

Nonetheless, I wasn't there because of some lame sermon. I was there to worship and partake in the sacrifice of the mass.

Its enough knowing this lady has a distinct opposition to Catholic dogma. But if she wants to at least feel devout, why the heck is she complaining about a preacher that is preaching what is in line with the faith?

Is she there to partake or is she there to have lip service?

I'd wager that in the future I may hear a sermon that will throw me for a loop.
Maybe I'll hear one about how un-Christian it is to build a border wall. 

Heck, what if anti-Wall was that was the sermon I hear the next time I travel an hour to the nearest SSPX chapel? I mean, I wasn't expecting the SSPX priest to boldly say to us "who are you to judge Pope Francis?!" when I went, so you never know.

I'm ultimately not there for the pulpit. I'm there to worship God. With her leftist views it was bound to happen she'd hear something that is actually Catholic. If she, despite her views, is there to worship God, she should consider taking my approach.

And I'm not trying to act holier than thou, I'm just using myself as an example.
There is only one kind of Catholicism! It's called Catholicism, you know, that Faith that's been around for 2,000 years, that Faith delivered once for all to the saints, that Faith with an unchanging Teaching, the Faith of that Church Our Lord said that the gates of hell would not prevail against and that He would be with forever?!

I don't know what 'faith' this woman belongs to, but it sure as hell ain't Catholicism. However, I'm afraid that she belongs to the same 'faith' many of our Bishops and Priests belong to.
It seems she's a follower of Bergoglionism.
Man, y'all are being too rigid.  Sticking tongue out at you  Rolleyes

Quote:God forbid a Catholic priest preaches what the Catholic Church teaches. But because of that, Mary Elizabeth Williams, a staff writer for Salon

Warning flag number 1 in bold green.

Quote:and self-proclaimed Catholic, doesn’t know how she can be Catholic anymore.

Warning flag number 2 in green.  I guess "self-proclaimed Catholic" is a way to say one goes to Mass on occasion, but doesn't know, or take time to learn, Church teaching and the reason behind it.

Once I saw those, I figured the rest would be a bunch of New Age hippie drivel.
This all ties in with the talk John Venari gave on the Alta Vendita. (see bottom of Trad Cat Priests on NWO thread for his talk which I highly recommend!)

He discusses how someone was asked if Pope John 23rd was a Freemason and replied, "It doesn't matter if he is or not.  He thinks like one."

The plans of the Freemasons was to infiltrate the Chruch and reform it from within so that it fits with their "theology";  to slowly and subtly change everything over time where the faithful don't realize it but they are surrounded and immersed in Freemasonic ideals and symbols.

So what we have is the one true and Church and deposit of the faith as passed down for 2000 years, and a defacto counter church that is promoted by the Pope and many Bishops alike.

They aren't making definitive changes on paper (for the most part), but are making subliminal changes through the well-crafted use of media (airplane interviews anyone?) and pseudo catechesis.  They are simply making changes in minds of Catholics, both the laity and the clergy.

I don't think this lady thinks this way just because she is from Salon.  I think she represents most Catholic school grads and others in the pews today, and she is spreading the idea that the belief system of the "other Catholic Church" is old and mean and outdated, and the one she experienced growing up and in school is inclusive and "loving".

So now, it seems, the majority in the Church consider themselves Catholic but think like Freemasons.
There is only one Church.

Quote:Et unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.

All other "religions" are either paganism or heresies.
Only one kind of Catholicism, and it isn't being taught in the majority of Catholic parishes in the world today.
(08-01-2018, 02:04 PM)ServusDei Wrote: [ -> ]There is only one Church.

Quote:Et unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.

All other "religions" are either paganism or heresies.

Right.  I think most folks at this site know and believe that.

What we are talking about though is the fact that many in the pews and in the clergy believe there is a type of Catholicism other than the one true faith as has been handed down.

They "practice" this other form of pseudo-Catholocism.
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