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There's been a slight disagreement between some of the members of this forum as to how tea ought to be properly taken. PinoyMonk and myself feel that it is immensely superior and, dare I say, only proper to drink one's tea hot. RabidWolverine, unfortunately, feels that the so-called "Iced tea" is better. We put it to you, the members of the forum, to decide this grave and important matter. Post your opinions forthwith!

As Dominus Tecum has so graciously pointed out, I feel that tea is MEANT to be had in a hot manner.  I say that as a traditionalist, we must stamp out this schismatic and heretical "iced tea" that is plaguing the world!

Pinoy Monk

Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot 9 days old!!        
Like it hot. A hot mug of peppermint tea is especially good!    Husband likes that iced tea stuff........opposites attract, right?
When I want hot tea, I want hot tea -- preferably in pretty cups if it's a black tea, and with milk and sugar (even with Earl Grey. Go ahead and mock.) Herb so-called "teas" are better in mugs (I love mint, too, Saintsforheaven!).
When I want iced tea, I want iced tea -- with sugar and lots of ice, preferably made by the heat of the sun. I live in Indiana and must defend iced tea. It's the law.
Ya mean theres a difference?  Ya don't like the lemonade powdered stuff?
Hot tea, of course. I'm with PinoyMonk all the way. If you want to drink something cold, drink Kool-Aid or ice water (or lemonade, if you like that). Hot tea warms me up in the winter.

my Mother my Confidence,
First of all, husbands who are not registered members, even if their wives are, don't get a vote.  Secondly, I would like to point out that those who push their hot tea agenda on the world, not coincidentally, did not score very high on the "How American Are You" thread.  Thirdly, DT, you give the rest of the world's "Erics" a bad name.  Cease and desist or I'll have to anathematize you.  Fourthly, Vox has never been more filled with the Holy Spirit.  There's only three ways to drink tea: cold, real cold, and brutally cold. 
I would like to recommend that DT and PMonk pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of right judgment.
Quote:Secondly, I would like to point out that those who push their hot tea agenda on the world, not coincidentally, did not score very high on the "How American Are You" thread.

I would like to make a number of responses to this.

1.  How many countries throughout the world have hot tea as a main beverage?
2.  How many centuries has Asia gone without iced tea?
3.  How many more Asians are there compared to Americans?

After careful analysis, I'd have to say that the Asians (along with the Europeans and others who drink hot tea) are the ones that are thriving in this world.  The iced tea drinkers are slowly dying out.

It's simply "natural selection."  =P

Pinoy Monk
Hot tea in the AM is good, ice tea with mint is good in warm weather, it is very common through out the Middle East.
PM teas are usally herbal & decaffienated, as they say "sleepy time" teas.
I rather have a little vino in the PM.
I'm not a big tea drinker, but do enjoy it hot or cold depending on the weather outside.  Oh, and always decaf!  That probably cancels my vote out altogether right?  [Image: jestera.gif]
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