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Full Version: Does it matter what an altar server wears under the surplice and cassock?
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Does it matter?
Please wear clothes.
I think that was assumed! :LOL:
I recommend wearing a black or white shirt, so that if it happens to stick out slightly from underneath the collar of the cassock, it will not be visible or distracting.  Alternatively, having a separate shirt without a collar can be more comfortable underneath a cassock and eliminate the other issue.  I always wear short-sleeves as I find long-sleeves sometimes stick out of the cassock, but many have success otherwise.

As for pants, black is usually good for the same reason as above.  A better trick however is to fold the bottoms of your pants and pull your socks up over them, that way they do not hang under your cassock.  It's essential that you wear black socks for this, however!
Wear whatever is considered proper attire for church.

Generally that would be decent slacks and at least a collared shirt (and I think at least a tie and coat/pullover outside of summer), but will be highly culturally dependent. I know a priest in the foreign missions for whose faithful "Sunday attire" means they wear the only tee-shirt they have instead of going mostly bare. That's a necessity there, but isn't in most first-world or even third-world countries.

Since the cassock is an over-garment (like a blazer), one removes pullovers or blazers along with one's tie.

Steven is right : Since the cassock is black, black or dark slacks and black shoes with black socks should be worn. There is nothing worse than seeing khaki slacks and brown shoes sticking out from underneath a cassock, or worse : white socks.

If the shirt is not white or at least has not white cuffs and a white collar, so they are not a distraction they can be folded out of the way.

While on such a topic permit me to discuss a pet peeve only mildly related : servers should wear a cassock that reaches to their heels (like a good pair of slacks), as we're not fording a stream during Mass. Also the surplice should come to at least mid-thigh, especially the taller one is. A proper surplice actually should reach to the knees. It is unfortunate and commonplace to see men and boys wearing surplices which are smaller than their undershirts.