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Full Version: Backing Out of the Montfort Consecration
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Got this in an email. Anyone care to respond?

Quote:First of all, let me specify that I'm not seeking personal advice. I will describe briefly my situation as an introduction to my question.

I read your page about Monfort's Total Consecration. I took the Total Consecration some years ago and I came to the conclusion that, while it's a good thing, it's not the path I was called to walk. For this reason I'm really interested in understanding what exactly I'm obliged to. I'm not satisfied with Montfort's writings because in many parts they suggest acts that are not in the Consecration text; the same goes for your webpage. But, e.g., in my Consecration I didn't promise I would renew the Consecration yearly, so I don't consider myself obligated to do it.

This is the reason I'm looking for any traditional author who explained exactly what I'm strictly obliged to do. I could just read the text of the Consecration, but I would prefer comparing my analysis with theirs. For instance, I agree that it is a vow, as you say on your webpage; but it's based on my own comprehension of what a vow is. Do/es a traditional author/s tell the same?

This is causing me great distress because I don't want to walk down this spirituality, but I also want to respect my vow. I explained this not in order to solicit personal advice. Please don't give personal advice. I want you to understand how great my distress is.

So, this is my question:

Do you know any traditional author who explained what one is obliged to after he pronounced and wrote down the Montfort's Total Consecration?
One’s approach to the spiritual life can change over time. Some things last a lifetime, others are more of a help in a particular moment. This can be different for different people. I’ve known people who were deeply devoted to the de Montfort way for several decades. I’ve known others who were very devoted to it at one time, but then moved on to something else after a time. Sometimes, new converts latch on to the first thing they find, only find after awhile that they really aren’t that fond of it. Sometimes, people will thrive in a devotion when it is expressed in a group setting, but they won’t keep it going on their own.
These types of consecrations are not vows, at least not in the same way that religious vows and marriage vows are vows. One should not make them lightly, and perhaps not without the guidance of a spiritual director. Many of these things, however, are heavily promoted among more pious circles- perhaps without discretion, and those looking for more in their faith find these promises on prayer cards and in prayer books, and make them without due preparation or discernment. Even the de Montfort consecration, which has a lengthy preparation, can be made hastily during or following a sudden, intense spiritual consolation. They are not “binding” and you’re free to walk away from them if they no longer appeal to you.
I'm the person who sent the email, I will send a confirmation email to the owner that it's actually me.

Honestly, I already pondered the question a lot. I'm strictly looking for the traditional authors' stance on this: what am I exactly obliged to do?