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Full Version: Homilies at FSSP/SSPX
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Hi everybody,

How good are the homilies generally at FSSP/SSPX parishes? Are they about the same as the quality of catechesis and orthodoxy that can be found on the youtube channel Sensus Fidelium?

I ask because we are thinking about moving nearby such a parish. How are the communities there? Does everybody know each other? This could factor into our decision for a future long distance household move.

My personal experience is that the sermons are excellent. As to community, it varies widely. One Trad Parish I attended was probably the most friendly, vibrant Parish I ever attended. Another was exactly the opposite. After attending several times I think only one person had bothered to speak to me.
I think the priests on Sensus Fidelium have a natural talent for speaking that most trad Priests don't have.
Individual parishes can be anywhere from great to lousy in terms of community, but sermons at traditional parishes are almost always of good quality. The best way to learn about the community in my opinion is to look at the sorts of events and activities that go on. St Anne's in San Diego is a wonderful community and we do lots of events and parish groups.