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Full Version: Toxic Teeth: The Most Popular Dental Practice that’s Making You Very Sick
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Last time my dentist recommended a 'root canal' procedure on one of my teeth, I passed. Made no sense to me, to let a dead tooth sit in my mouth, becoming more porous with each day, and all those little holes potential places for bacteria to hide and multiply. No thanks. Besides, its well known that once you have this lengthy, often, procedure, you'll end up coming back many times for issues with that tooth. It sorta guarantees you'll be back to see that dentist, sooner than if you hadn't had the thing treated this way. Root canal kills the tooth, it cuts it off from all blood supply and nerves. No blood supply=dead tooth, no supply of calcium for the tooth, it starts to breakdown and become porous, no nerve supply=you can't feel pain from any infection in that tooth.

Nope, sorry doc, no root canal for me, pull it!

Interesting little article:

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Sunday, 9 September 2018
Toxic Teeth: The Most Popular Dental Practice that’s Making You Very Sick

Did you know that dentists perform 1,000 of root canal procedures daily in the United States? And most of these people believe they are safely and permanently fixing their problem. I hate to break this to you, but there is nothing harmless and safe about root canals.

Although your dentist will tell you this is rubbish, and root canals are perfectly safe, there have in fact been studies connecting RCT teeth with ‘inexplicable’ degenerative diseases since the early 1900’s. 

5 Main Reasons to never get root canal procedures

  1. Root canals can cause chronic degenerative diseases such as  arthritis, heart disease,  joint diseases
  2. Recent studies have pointed out strains of “streptococcus,” “staphylococcus,” and “spirochetes” which exist in root canals. Root canals harbor all kinds of dangerous bacteria.
  1. Root canals collect toxins which can not be ejected because there is no vascular system in the tooth to do so.
  2. Bacteria collected in the root travels to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Contrary to modern dental wisdom, antibiotics can never fight and kill the bacteria in your root canal. Since the dead tooth does not have blood being supplied to it, the antibiotics can not reach the inside of that tooth.
  3. Every time you eat something, toxins accumulated in the root canal  travel into the blood with open access to any location of the body with weak spots.

If the tooth can’t be saved, then a root canal with a material called “Biocalex” should be performed. “Biocalex” gets rid of most of the harmful bacteria and will cause way less complications. If this does not work, extracting the tooth might be necessary.

Take care of your teeth daily with Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass can reverse cavities and heal gum disease. Wheatgrass is comprised of bacteria-fighting chlorophyll that detoxifies your body and eliminates the conditions that cause harmful bacteria to damage your gums and teeth!
Is this the same thing as a filling?
(09-11-2018, 12:56 PM)Some Guy Wrote: [ -> ]Is this the same thing as a filling?

No. Root Canal is a filling on steroids.
A root canal done properly is a wonderful thing.
Unfortunately, many regular dentists do root canals and they do not have the training, experience and the wiz-bang technology to do the very best job.  And even with a good dentist, nothing lasts forever. If you need the root canal and you don't get it, it is possible for the bacteria and other bad stuff to gather and accumulate at the root of your tooth and attack the gum and damage the bone in which your tooth is anchored. If too much bone damage is done, you will lose the tooth, it is just a matter of time. Also, the bacteria, etc, can travel throughout your body and make you sick - poor dental care can affect heart health which is why I don't understand why dental care is not considered part of regular medical care, it is that important.
A good root canal should last you for many many years (minus your abuse).

The next step after root canal is dental implant.  They take out the bad tooth and implant a steel bolt into the bone and let the bone graft onto the bolt.  Then, after a few weeks of healing they get to putting your new "tooth" on that bolt.  Amazing!  Rock solid.  Expensive!  The first surgery hurts for a couple of days but after that, no pain.  The new tooth feels and acts like a real tooth.  Note: this is for a single tooth, this is not the thing you see on tv that promises full teeth in place of full dentures.

None of the advanced treatments should be done by a discount dentist - if you go thru that much pain, and spend that much money, you need to get a 1st rate job.