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Full Version: BREAKING: Leaked sex abuse report rocks German church, 3,677 victims
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September 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Two German major media outlets – Der Spiegel and Die Zeit – leaked today the findings of a sexual abuse commission funded by the German Bishops' Conference and which Cardinal Reinhard Marx had planned to present to the public on 25 September. 

The report shows that many abusing priests were simply transferred to other parishes and that only one-third of them were ever investigated by the Church.

                                                  I'm speechless at the moment.
I'm surprised Germany wasn't exposed sooner, considering the track record of their bishops.
A CNN Poll in January 2017, had Francis' favorability at 72 pct. It's dropped 24 pts since then. And that's a liberal source. This is only going to get worse.
I can't take the drip, drip, drip anymore.

I'm not going to read the scandal threads for a while.

It's just, "Guess what?  More crap here.  More crap there," one location at a time.

Yep, it's a whole lotta crap.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.
And they have not scratched the surface of the U.S. yet...............

Something has to give. If I have to sit thru one more lukewarm, be nice homily I'm going to scream!