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Full Version: Crosses Being Destroyed On Catholic Churches In China
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                                                         What was that La Salette prophecy again ?
Yep! Francis's pals at work. You know, those nice atheists that he just betrayed the Catholic Church in China to?
Francis' official emblem should be 30 pieces of silver.
It is China.
They have been doing this for years and years.
What, the Pope makes nice with the government and he/we think something is going to change?  All better now?
True, they've been doing it ever since the Reds took over, but recently they've been ramping up the persecution to levels not seen since the dark days, over 40 years ago, of Mao's 'Cultural Revolution' from 1966 to '76.
The worst of it is not that Red China has a long history of persecuting Catholics, the real tragedy here is that the head of the Catholic Church just made a deal with China that recognizes Bishops appointed by the government that persecutes Catholics.
Cardinal Zen and those other great martyrs of Catholicism in China were totured by the Communists for 70 years , when they were released they witnessed a Catholic Church that was riddled with Modernism, now they are betrayed by the Papacy too.